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The paid search management landscape is highly complex and constantly changing. Many search engine marketing companies avoid the challenge of creating customized solutions for your business – instead, they hand the decision-making over to a series of powerful, but limited, automated software programs. At Digital Reach, we believe that you deserve an SEM agency that leverages both technology and individual expertise to provide the highest quality PPC management.

Finding the right search marketing firm can be a challenge. Many of our clients spent years cycling through digital advertising agencies, trying to find PPC management services that didn’t leave them feeling mistreated, unclear, and in the dark as to the processes and strategies being implemented in their campaigns. Our SEM services are different.

Track to Revenue

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At our paid search agency, tracking doesn’t begin or end with clicks. We emphasize full-funnel tracking, from the first search to the final closed-won amount in the CRM. Paid search management isn’t about maximizing clicks, it’s about gaining information and using data to fuel business growth. We’re constantly tracking your campaigns’ activity in both AdWords and Analytics, synthesizing data and generating strategies that are customized for your business. Comprehensive tracking is the fundamental building block of our paid marketing service.

Dedicated Expert Campaign Manager

Many of our clients have had bad relationships with previous PPC agencies, and we think it’s important to learn from their experiences. Rather than give your campaigns to an inexperienced manager, or cycle you through so many contacts that you don’t know who is assigned to your account, we’ll keep life simple: one highly qualified campaign manager that is deeply focused on your business goals and strategies. You’ll also have their direct line – any time you have a question, concern, need help, just pick up the phone. We take great care to ensure that our campaign managers aren’t overworked – you’ll get their full focus and attention. At Digital Reach, we believe in the highest combination of expert knowledge and client support.
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Account Transparency

At our PPC agency, you’ll have complete and uninterrupted access to your account, data, changes, and change history. All work is performed directly within your account, not on a third party platform. At the end of service, we’ll never withhold information or revert your account to pre-optimized conditions. We’ll always be available to explain our strategies and actions, and we’ll always let you make the final decisions about campaign strategy. That’s our guarantee.

Advanced Strategy

Identifying the right strategy for your business can be challenging. At Digital Reach, our solutions include:

  • Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization and testing
  • Landing Page creation
  • Custom-tailored reporting
  • Comprehensive graphic design and development
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