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COVID-19 & B2B Digital Marketing (Part 2)

May 5th, 2020

One month ago, we held a webinar discussing the effects of COVID-19 on the B2B digital marketing environment. Now, after a month in quarantine and adapting to the new normal, we’re hosting another event to discuss the latest in COVID-19 and digital marketing.

What do timelines look like?

Have conversion rates recovered?

What have we learned from our work with B2B clients across varied industries?

We’ll look forward to diving into these and more. Come join us for a discussion of how COVID-19 should alter your digital strategy.

Join us on May 5th as we break down the latest data surrounding COVID-19  and its effect on digital, and provide guidance for ongoing digital strategy.

We’ll be live on-air to answer your questions. Looking forward to discussing with you soon!

PS: We’ve been a fully remote company since 2011, and we put together some of our top work-from-home tips in this easy-to-follow guide.

Co-founder and Head of Operations Andrew Seidman to discuss:

  • Updates on COVID’s effect on the digital environment
  • What we’ve learned from our clients
  • Prospective timelines
  • 2 strategies you can implement today to prepare for the future

Meet the host

Andrew Seidman, Head of Operations

Tech entrepreneur, poker instructor, occasional risk-taker, all-around operations guy. I'm working on changing the way businesses get treated in the technology age, the way that people internalize complex strategies and risks.

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