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CRM Secrets that Drive B2B Marketing Results

July 23rd, 2019

Your CRM is the lifeblood of your marketing organization. It’s supposed to be a well-oiled machine, collecting data, making it actionable, and providing clear visualizations and reporting on results. That’s the dream, right?

But, most companies’ CRMs look more like a broken-down engine with too many miles on it than a Ferrari ready to go fast. As CRM perfectionists (maybe too obsessive), we’re always trying to find tricks to make the CRM more useful and tailor it to real marketing use cases, not least of which is Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

In this web clinic, we’ll break down some of the key CRM secrets and tricks that lead to real marketing growth.

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Operations Andrew Seidman covers:

  • Single Source of Truth - What it Means, Why it Matters
  • The Business Impact of a Clean CRM
  • Data Enrichment  and Driving Targeted Engagement
  • BONUS: The One Neat Trick that makes ABM work in Salesforce

Meet the host

Andrew Seidman, Head of Operations

Tech entrepreneur, poker instructor, occasional risk-taker, all-around operations guy. I'm working on changing the way businesses get treated in the technology age, the way that people internalize complex strategies and risks.

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Upcoming | 08/11/2020 | 9am / 11am / 1pm PT

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