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    Fueling Your ABM Data Engine

    Identifying Target Accounts & Contacts

    Generating your target account list is the most important step to launch an account-based marketing campaign. Before you can launch your marketing and sales teams into action, you need to empower them to be successful. You need a well-running ABM Data Engine that uses accurate data to drive your targeted marketing efforts.

    DiscoverOrg joined with us here at Digital Reach to show you how to use great account and contact data to put your ABM effort into high-gear.

    During this Web Clinic, DiscoverOrg’s DeAnn Poe and Digital Reach’s Head of Operations Andrew Seidman cover:

    • What data is most valuable for an ABM campaign?
    • How can you use predictive data to steer your efforts?
    • Utilize your data to drive targeted marketing and sales activity.

    Date: April 12, 2018

    Fueling Your ABM Data Engine Webinar


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    About the Hosts

    DeAnn Poe is the Vice President of Demand Generation at DiscoverOrg, the world’s leading B2B marketing and sales intelligence platform. At DiscoverOrg, DeAnn and her team are responsible for sourcing over 50% of the company’s pipeline and revenue through inbound and outbound demand gen programs. She has over 15 years of Demand Gen and MarComm experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, San Marcos.

    As Head of Operations for Digital Reach, Andrew Seidman has years of experience overseeing successful digital marketing strategies, including both SEO and SEM campaigns for top tier companies.

    Our Process

    At Digital Reach, we believe in transparency, accountability, and great service. Our internet marketing company was founded on these principles, and we strive to maintain great relationships based on mutual success. We leverage data to achieve meaningful results, keeping our focus on the numbers so that your team can exceed expectations.

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    • Handshake IconIntegrity & Transparency
    • Successful internet marketing campaigns don’t just need properly implemented tracking, they need to track KPIs that matter. It takes more than clicks and visits to drive a successful web presence. With our internet marketing services, we insist on being held accountable to revenue. We focus on qualified leads and closed-won business, not just on cost-per-click or impressions. Every strategic decision should be trackable with data and contribute to revenue goals.
    • At our internet marketing firm, we understand that internal goals can change quickly in a fast-paced business environment. You need campaign managers that are experts in your industry, possess deep knowledge of your account, provide the highest level of support, and are accessible when you need them. At Digital Reach, we believe in developing strong relationships with open communication and responsive support.
    • When searching for an internet marketing company, it is hard to know whether you will receive fair value and good service. At Digital Reach, our guarantee is to provide the most transparent service possible. We will never withhold data, revert your account to a pre-optimized state, or prohibit access to account changes. Our internet marketing company was built on providing excellent service with integrity. We look forward to creating a lasting partnership and driving business growth together.

    Our Clients

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    About Us

    Digital Reach was founded in 2011 after a series of bad experiences with other digital marketing agencies. Many business tactics of competitor companies felt predatory and unfair to consumers, so Digital Reach decided to do things differently - place the emphasis on customer service, business growth, and revenue. No more vague intangibles, fuzzy math, unreturned emails, lack of access to your account data, or hidden threats to deter clients from leaving and pursuing other options. Under founder Ben Childs’ leadership, the company ethos became: “Do the right thing, and always treat clients with transparency, fairness and honesty”.

    This message resonated with both clients and industry leaders alike, as Digital Reach continues to partner with top-tier enterprise businesses and attract expert digital marketing employees to provide fulfillment to its clients. Despite our growth, the message remains the same - we’ll always provide the highest level of service with accountability and reliability that you can trust.