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How to get your sales team to love ABM in 2021

October 27th, 2020

With only three months left in 2020, it’s about time we address our ABM goals for the new year and start creating the framework for a new (or refreshed) 2021 ABM campaign. Step one, and oftentimes the most challenging, cross-departmental alignment between sales and marketing. Does that ring a bell?

Don’t miss your chance to discover strategies and tactics that will keep your sales team happy and your target accounts engaged.

Join Director of Business Development, Brandon Sizemore, to master:

  • Getting sales involved from the get-go
  • Addressing objections
  • Collaborating throughout the project
  • Sharing in the successes

Meet the host

Brandon Sizemore, Chief Revenue Officer

Outdoorsman in the northern Rocky Mountains chasing cutthroat trout.

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