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How & Why You Should Spend on Paid Search if You’re Winning at SEO

March 24th, 2020

Things are going great – your website is growing in organic traffic and you’re driving valuable conversions. Now, it’s time to invest in paid search.

Wait, what? Why jump to paid? Organic traffic is free!

The success of organic is telling you useful information about your website – mostly, that it’s a good answer for relevant queries. You can use that information to drive profitable paid traffic. Then, even more powerfully, you can create a synergistic feedback loop that will increase profitability for both disciplines.

If you want to turn your organic success into greater momentum, listen to our Head of Operations Andrew Seidman discuss how to transform your inbound traffic sources.

During this Web Clinic, we cover:

  • How to measure SEO success correctly
  • Converting SEO into SEM growth
  • Creating the synergistic feedback loop

Grow your knowledge. watch today.

Meet the host

Andrew Seidman

Head of Operations

Wearer of many hats. Marketing strategist. Data geek. Poker player. In a long-term relationship with tacos.

Upcoming | 07/14/2020 | 9am / 11am / 1pm PT

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