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The Metrics You Need to Track Account-Based Sales

June 4th, 2019

Account-based sales can be an amazing way to develop new opportunities. But, it can also yield to organizational confusion, longer sales cycles, and frustration between sales and marketing teams. How can you track success in Account-Based Sales? What metrics are important?

In producing our new ebook, UNIVERSAL: Your Guide to Account-Based Success, we sat down with the sales gurus at Ambition to learn about metrics and motivation for sales. Now, Brian Trautschold from Ambition sat down with Digital Reach Head of Operations Andrew Seidman to discuss how you can track your account-based efforts all the way to success.

During this Web Clinic, Brian and Andrew cover:

  • What makes account-based metrics different?
  • Keys to keeping your sales team motivated and engaged
  • How to track the process from digital marketing through closed/won sales

Meet the hosts

Brian Trautschold, Ambition’s Co-Founder and COO

Ambition’s Co-Founder and COO, Brian Trautschold manages company finances and runs much of their internal day-to-day operations. A disciple of lean operations, Brian’s strategic direction enabled the company to  commit the first 15 months of operations almost exclusively to product development. Now an important leader of Ambition’s Business Team, Brian plays a key role in partnership development as well as syncing and streamlining Sales and Marketing operations. The three-time entrepreneur and Y Combinator graduate is also an outspoken voice in the startup community and harbors a borderline-unhealthy obsession with Memphis Grizzlies basketball.

Andrew Seidman, Head of Operations

Tech entrepreneur, poker instructor, occasional risk-taker, all-around operations guy. I'm working on changing the way businesses get treated in the technology age, the way that people internalize complex strategies and risks.

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