Meet our team of relationship-driven digital marketers


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We’re complete nerds

We love digital marketing. We geek out on brand guidelines, new SEO best practices, paid media platform improvements, marketing automation workflows, and WordPress feature updates. Our parents think we’re great. We think you will, too.

Andrew Seidman

Head of Operations

Wearer of many hats. Marketing strategist. Data geek. Poker player. In a long-term relationship with tacos.

Angela Asca

Director of Digital Experience

Empathetic design & UX nerd. Epicure, dog/human/plant mom, STEAM supporter, and karaoke-er.

Arin Adamson

Director of Web Development

Competitive computer nerd & dedicated father who can reverse engineer just about anything. Loves outdoor activities.

Ashley Meyer

Strategic Account Executive

From Marketing to Motherhood, passionate about all she does. Monopoly enthusiast, won't take it easy on game night.

Ashley Vaughan

Paid Media Strategist

Snack enthusiast. Avid rollerblader (no knee pads needed). Deep thinker. People-lover. Here for the ugly laughs.

Ben Childs

President & Founder

Reader of fine books. Loves perfectly crafted jokes, a cheap cup of coffee, and Emma Stone gifs. Sorry, I was on mute.

Brandon Carter

Marketing Automation Director

Okie expat in the Utah mountains with a hint of an accent. Dad, triathlete, brewer, & the West's foremost Sooner fan.

Brandon Sizemore

Director of Business Development

Outdoorsman in the northern Rocky Mountains chasing cutthroat trout.

Josh Miller

Paid Media Coordinator

Drummer, guitarist and Ableton explorer. Full-time paid media coordinator, part time jiu-jitsu ragdoll.

Keith Newsham

Senior Account Manager

By Day, Strategic Account Manager for SEO / Paid Media / WebDev. By Night, musician and karaoke champion.

Kim Brown

Paid Social Strategist

Daily rituals: Paid Media & crosswords. Or, climbing rocks, swinging on trapezes, petting dogs, eating cookies.

Kris Borja

Content & Marketing Automation Strategist

Copywriting/UX fanatic, accidental marketer & digital recluse. Loves cycling, house music, long walks on the beach.

Lauren Sauers

Operations Manager

Solo traveler, lover of baked goods and all things Harry Potter.

MacAdam Lea

Director of Research & Development

Full time computer nerd & proud cat dad. Loves running, skiing, and reminding everyone that he’s an Eagle Scout.

Mark Murphy

Paid Media Strategist

Media dork. Part time voice actor. Completed Persona 5 in only 125 hours. Flagrant Simpsons quoter.

Mark Yesilevskiy

Senior Web Developer

Dev with a designer background making things look good and work well. Runner, soccer obsessive, and illustrator.

Melissa Swanson

Content Marketing Manager

Skilled coffee drinker and dog petter. Running and curling enthuasist. Jigsaw puzzle wizard.

Natalie Hanes

Creative Director

Crafter of thoughtful digital experiences. Dog mom, herbalist, AV nerd, minimalist, & lover of all things 3D/VR.

Nick Rennard

Director of Paid Media

Addicted to the culinary arts. Dog dad. A lover, not a fighter, but I'll definitely still beat you at beer pong.

Ralf Schulz

Director of SEO

Family, tennis, snowboarding, technolgy, dirt bikes and race cars. Also, an incredible passion for music and SEO.

Rebecca Berin

Head of Marketing

Mountain maven with a case of the travel bug. Singing chef with a passion for wine. Mom to a geriatric mini schnauzer.

Rob Flagg

Marketing Automation Strategist

Life long digital marketing nerd. Dual Italian citizen travel junkie. Father of a 10lb Havanese. Premium sando creator.

Ryan Rosati

Full-Stack Web Developer

Full-stack dev with a passion for the surreal and sublime. You can find him in the wild, invoking anime references.

Shawn McKenzie

Senior Reporting Analyst

Life long learner, father, amature woodworker, lover of technology, wannabe mechanic and race car driver.

Stephani Worts

Web Development Strategist & Senior Developer

Guru of all things WordPress with a love of dry red wine. Mom of 3, coffee addict, and sewing nerd who knows her sci-fi.

Storm Bogs

Content Marketing Specialist

Cat mom. Hockey fan. Can be found at the nearest country concert or brewery. Bibliophile and true crime podcast junkie.

Tracey Johnson

Digital Designer

Mom. Professional Bruncher. Enjoys painting, needlecrafts, sourdough, gaming, and British competition shows.

Troy Vasquez

Solutions Strategist

Lover of all sports, competition, and challenges. #Steelers #DCUnited #BayernMunich

Zach Mandelblatt

Head of Technology

In the time it takes to read this sentence, you could be on your way to a well-oiled demand generation machine. Ready for your blueprint?

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