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5 SEO & Paid Media Strategies To Learn From Your Competitors

by Keith Newsham

Additional Contributors for this piece: Kim Brown, DRA Paid Media Strategist Looking for new sources of organic traffic? Of course you are! How about more insights to optimize your paid traffic? Even in the strongest…

Keyword Level SEO Attribution In Action

by Keith Newsham

One of the challenging elements of SEO relative to marketing channels like PPC is the lack of keyword attribution data. With an ad campaign, marketers know exactly what keywords are driving results for them, the…

Our Team’s Top 20 Tips for Working from Home

by Natalie Hanes

Right now, countless people across the globe are facing a unique challenge together: working from home. As companies transition from an office environment to remote offices due to unexpected circumstances, millions of employees are finding…

How Direct Traffic Reflects SEO & PPC Influence

by Keith Newsham

Why Direct Traffic Should Be Measured In Relation to All Other Marketing Channels No one wakes up in the morning and magically knows about a new business with a perfect solution to their problem. Customers…

How to Build a Website Architecture That Naturally Helps Your SEO

by Keith Newsham

Why Good Website Architecture Is Critical For SEO Over the past 3 decades, search engines like Google and Bing have steadily improved at indexing a website’s architecture and understanding how pages relate to each other.…

SEO Basics: What is a Bulk Optimization

by Rebecca Berin

There are a few baseline SEO projects done when a new client is first getting started at Digital Reach: site auditing, keyword research and mapping, and the bulk optimization. Even though SEO is ever-changing, these…

Getting Inside Your Yoast SEO Plugin

by Rebecca Berin

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned vet at general SEO upkeep for your website, you probably know how important it is to set up an SEO plugin. You might also know one of the…

Using Keyword Research to Build a Content Map for your New Website

by Rebecca Berin

Diving into a new website project can be pretty daunting. With the many elements you have to consider, the biggest mistake is not making content creation and deadlines a priority. Utilizing one of the most…

mobile SEO

Mobile March Madness: SEO & Mobile Devices for B2Bs in 2019

by Rebecca Berin

Why it’s just as important as ever. Mobile users are taking search by storm. In 2017, mobile searchers had exceeded desktop users, coming in at 57% of searches worldwide. In 2019, Google announced all sites…

Marketing Automation: The Four Key Campaigns You Need

by Vanessa Clay

MARKETING AUTOMATION IS REALLY IMPORTANT Businesses are becoming obsessed with  marketing automation for good reason. It streamlines marketing campaigns and increases efficiency, and in turn ROI.  Operations within a marketing automation software platform have many…

Why We Use The Wordpress CMS

by Kathryn Crawford

WordPress! If you’ve had any web experience at all (and even if you haven’t!), you’ve probably heard of it. It’s pretty ubiquitous, and there’s good reason for that. At Digital Reach Agency, we love WordPress.…

The Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

by Vanessa Clay

What is Page Speed Optimization? Businesses often put page speed optimizations on the back burner, assuming that their site speed represents their entire website performance. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There is a crucial difference between…

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