Case Study

How Mayfield Venture Fund Increased Engagement by 33%+

About Mayfield Fund

Mayfield Fund is a US-based venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage to growth-stage investments in enterprise and consumer technology companies. Mayfield is one of Silicon Valley’s oldest venture capital firms and has funded companies such as Lyft, Marketo, and Poshmark.


As the premier venture capital fund for early and growth-stage investments in enterprise and consumer tech companies, Mayfield needed a digital partner to increase engagement and signups for their C-suite-focused conferences and other networking events. Digital Reach partnered with Mayfield to optimize their event promotion and signup architecture.

Our Approach

We quickly identified opportunities for improvement in Mayfield’s invite and signup processes. Previously, their invite process relied heavily on invitees to reply directly to emails sent through Outlook. This approach reduced their ability to accurately identify and attribute email engagement data, it also added a layer of friction to the signup process.

We optimized this process by

  • Setting up personalized invite emails through Pardot
  • Designing and launching a customizable event signup page

This approach enabled them to leverage their Marketing Automation platform to gain more insight into their contact’s email behavior and the landing page saw higher signup rates than the previous “reply to signup” method.

The results

Landing page and conversion-optimized form enabled high submissions & engagement visibility with segmentation; Utilizing Pardot & Salesforce for campaigns created clear CRM campaign structure & reporting visibility.


Increase in high-value submissions

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