Email Marketing you can feel good about

Reach your audience directly with content they’re excited to receive

Email can be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal

You’ve been hearing the refrain “Email is Dead!” for years. And yet, you still see the value in being able to reach your target audience with high quality emails. What does great email marketing look like? How can we safely utilize email to drive great leads and high-value opportunities? We’ll help you construct an integrated email approach that features Outbound, Nurture, and Re-engagement campaigns.

Our Email Marketing experts have your bases covered


Ensure that your content is highly relevant and engaging to your target audience.


We’ll make sure your emails get sent out on-time, every time.


Integrate your email marketing strategy with the rest of your marketing efforts.


Your emails represent your brand, so they should be beautiful and interactive (and very, very clickable).


Email Marketing is the fastest way to drive leads and fill your funnel. Hit your numbers on time!


Audience segmentation improves relevance, quality, and results. We’ll make sure your emails are going to the right people.

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It has been a pleasure to work with the whole Digital Reach team. They worked with me to create a strong SEM strategy, while paying great attention to detail, and provided exceptional customer service that has elevated our SEM campaigns that resulted in tremendous growth in quality website visits, leads, while tremendously reducing our cost-per-lead by over 90%...

How Cisco Jasper Reduced Cost-Per-Lead by 90%

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Email marketing strategy in action



Your list shouldn’t be just one monolithic blob of data. Instead, it’s made up of individuals who share specific pain points and obstacles, and have to achieve results. We’ll help you understand the common threads between the different audiences within your list, identify their pains and help you segment them into groups small enough to achieve great relevance but big enough to drive real results.



Once you know your segments’ pain points, you need to map your key messages to those pains. We’ll integrate data from other marketing efforts (like Paid Media and SEO) to learn your most effective keywords and campaigns. Then, we’ll connect those pains and keywords to your content database, looking for the highest value assets we can promote via email. Our goal is to arm you with powerful messaging and complete consistency.



Email Marketing only works if people actually enjoy reading your emails! So, we’ll make sure that your email copy is engaging and that your email template designs are beautiful and interactive. We’ll create as many templates as you need—simple outbound, nurture, newsletter, and more. You’ll end up with emails you’re proud to show off to your team, and you’ll see real improvements in open and clickthrough rates.



With beautiful emails and great copy, you’re ready to launch outbound campaigns that drive traffic to your converting landing pages. We’ll coordinate your campaigns, from content production and design through launch, monitoring, and reporting. With our custom Data Attribution solution, we’ll show you how many leads, MQLs, and Opportunities your outbound campaigns drove, adding real ROI value to your email campaigns.



Nurture campaigns keep your brand top-of-mind for your leads who have already started their journey through the funnel, but aren’t ready to close deals quite yet. Effective nurture converts more of your leads into MQLs and more of your MQLs into Opportunities, meaning cheaper Cost-Per-MQL and Cost-Per-Opportunity across all of your marketing mediums. Yep! Nurture helps performance for Paid Media, Organic, Social—you name it.

We’re relationship-driven marketers


You’ll always know who’s in charge of your account. We’re powered by partnership.


Need better email templates or landing pages? Our US-based team is ready to help.


The reports you need, when you need them. Our reports are customized to your goals.

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We needed to grow fast to mature from a startup to an industry leader, and partnering with Digital Reach helped make it happen. We rebranded, launched a new website, and grew paid and organic digital channels. We love the results, and the Digital Reach team has been helpful and communicative the whole way.

In the time it takes to read this sentence, your email marketing campaigns could be getting a makeover. Ready for your Blueprint?

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